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stay up to date on my you tube channel!!

To find the link to my YouTube channel in mobile website go to top right corner on the 3 lines menu. The paper clip like symbol will direct you to my YouTube channel. If visiting the website on a desktop then it will be on the top right corner of the screen. I post solar flare updates according to when and how i see the energies coming in as well as whatever else about spirituality that my angels guide me to post.

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to the "twin flame psychic surgeons"

my twin flame and i work in harmonious union to help those 

that are brought to us for healing, clearing, learning, guidance,skills, gifts, and anything else we can be of service. we only work with our energy and Christ consciousness. we use our kundalini and power of creation to heal. to remove anything that is not of christ consciousness in you we use alchemy of love. we can see all realms of existence no matter what cloaking or  disillusionment's nothing is hidden from both of our realms combined. we have electromagnetic abilities, quantum vision, echolocation, transmutation, bi location, universal mind access, galactic and earth akashic records access, clear clairs, see/create future and past timelines, hear/feel and see intentions, energy projections, hold massive energy of mass meditations with balance, speak clear with spirit, ability to remove all that is not of christ consciousness. we do not have the ability to take out good things in or around your energy if anything is christ consciousness it will stay, if it isn't it will leave. we have worked with kids, teens, young adults, middle age, and elderly. we only work with the angels, lyrans, arcturians, ascended masters and source. we want to see every one be at their highest light and we take action to bring Gaia to a higher light. we are so honored to have you here! may you be blessed. youtube channel